"The Absolute Best Fried Chicken Sandwich in New York"


"...Like a parent who pacifies a belligerent toddler with a Pop-Tart, Newton is giving his public what it wants."


"...This is as close as you’re likely to get in this Yankee town to fried-chicken-sandwich nirvana."


"...It barely took a few minutes to devour this appetizer, every pickle chip was worthy of the same meticulous enjoyment with which they were made."


"With sides like tater tots and pimento cheese, braised collards with country ham, and mac & cheese, Wilma Jean won't do you wrong."


"From fried chicken, to fried pickles, to all the other fried things you want from a meal like this, Wilma Jean dominates all the Southern favorites."


"Bless you, Wilma Jean. Your grandson, Robert Newton, didn’t just name a Southern restaurant in Gowanus, Brooklyn, after you. He’s honoring you with the best fried chicken in the city."


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